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Innocent Spouse Relief

Quite a number of married couples choose to file joint tax returns. Taxpayers, in this way can get certain benefits that are associated with this type of filing status. Both the taxpayers, that are the husband and the wife, have to take up joint as well as individual responsibility for the tax and if there is any interest or penalty levied on the joint returns. These rules and regulations should be adhered to, even if the couple later divorce.

Herein, one spouse might be held responsible for all the taxes even if the income was earned by another spouse. This might seem unfair, but the IRS also enables a spouse to relieve himself/herself of the tax, interest, or penalty liability by choosing the Innocent Spouse Relief.

What is Innocent Spouse Tax Relief?

Innocent spouse relief is a tax policy or rule that has been formulated by the IRS to protect divorced spouses from the erroneous tax paying activities of their former spouses. Innocent spouse relief, IRS, is specifically designed for cases in which one spouse has not clue or didnít have a reason to suspect that their ex-husband or wife had failed to report incomes or had claimed unsubstantiated deductions.

Under innocent spouse tax relief, if the spouse can show proof of being kept in the dark by the husband or the wife, then they may be relieved of the responsibility of a penalty or the accrued debts.

The Qualification Parameters

If you want to apply for Innocent Spouse Relief, IRS, then you must meet all the conditions given below:

  • A joint return must have been filed by you and your husband/wife or ex-husband/wife, which has an understatement of tax.
  • This understatement of tax should be entirely the fault of your spouse or former spouse and must be the result of the erroneous items of the aforementioned spouse.
  • You must establish the fact that when the joints returns were filed and you signed on the dotted line, you had no prior knowledge of the understatement of tax.
  • You must also be able to establish that if all the facts and circumstances have been taken into consideration, then it would be unfair if you had to pay the penalty for the understatement of tax.
  • The relief request must be filed within 2 years after the date on which the collection activity was initiated against you by the IRS.

Tax Relief Point and Innocent Spouse Relief

If you feel that you have been hard done by your spouse and its unfair that you have been saddled with all the tax penalties and tax debts that have been incurred due to irresponsibility of your spouse, then come to Tax Relief Point. We are the definitive answer to all your problems in this regard and have a track record of success when it comes to innocent spouse relief, IRS.

At Tax Relief Point, we will do all that is necessary to prove to the IRS that you were in now way responsible for the intransigencies of your spouse.

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