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Tax Debt Relief

So, you had an aversion to paying taxes. Now you have woken up to find out that you can get away with some things but what you cannot get away from is the prospect of paying your taxes. Now the IRS wants you to pay back the tax debt, and that too in good time. Donít know what to do! Simple! Get tax debt help from Tax Relief Point.

Hire Help

If you want tax debt relief then you can either choose to go it on your own, or you might want to hire someone with the requisite expertise to help you do so. If your tax debt have piled up to a little less than or little more the $10,000 or thereabouts, then the best thing would be to hire the services of a tax professional like the Tax Relief Point. The more you owe, the more you want IRS tax debt settlement help and it makes sense to hire somebody who have the proven expertise when it comes to the whole process of tax debt relief.

Tax Debt Settlement

You might come across various advertisements on the internet or in the newspapers proclaiming that your liabilities will be wiped clean if you go for an IRS tax debt settlement help plan; it is usually not the case.

The most common solution with regards to tax debt settlement is a payment plan and this is requested through Form 9465, under the Installment Agreement Request. The agreement of the IRS to the proposed plan is the key in such a settlement and they usually give the green signal if the amount owed is less the $10,000, and the tax debt settlement plan is such that the debtor is able to pay off the debt within three years.

Other Solutions for Tax Debt Help

Apart from the IRS tax debt settlement help plan, Tax Relief Point also offers other non conventional solutions to its clients, which include amongst others:

  • IRS Offer in Compromise: There are cases when the IRS might accept a lump sum amount, which is less than the amount owed. This could also take the form of a short-term payment plan. It must be told, that when it comes to tax debt reduction, this option is not very successful as the IRS want an applicant to meet its stringent requirements, which more often than not, is very difficult.
  • Partial Installment Plan: this is a method of tax debt reduction that seeks to pay off a tax debt that amounts to less than the total amount owed by the debtor. Again, this is a form of tax debt relief that is entirely dependant on whether your request, in this regards, is approved by the IRS or not.

The best way to avoid a tax debt relief program is by paying all your taxes in time. However, if you fail to do so, you must realize that you are in big trouble. This is because the IRS interest meter never stops running. Now-a-days, through companies like Tax Relief Point, your tax debt help is just a mouse click away. So, use it for your benefit, and allow us to help you.

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