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Nobody likes paying taxes. However, at times, you can use the fact that somebody is not paying taxes to your advantage. You might be one of the many people who can benefit from IRS tax liens auctions.

The concept of federal tax lien has given rise a to a whole new industry in which people scour real estate auction sales that are a result of people not paying their taxes on time or delinquent taxes. These auctions are actually forced sales, which IRS undertakes in order to get back the money due to them. Government tax liens are getting to be quite popular these days and are not occurrences that look odd in the general scheme of things.

What is an IRS Tax Lien?

An IRS Tax Lien is a Federal tax lien that is created for the amount of your tax debt. If the lien follows the rules and regulations that govern the state tax lien, then it might become the first lien on the property. This lien can then be turned around and can be sold at the real estate auctions as a state tax lien certificate.

If a buyer makes a successful bid on the IRS tax liens then he or she will get one of the following advantages:

  • A yield from the lien that has been mandated by the State. Herein, the delinquent tax payer must pay the pre-designated amount in order to release the lien.
  • The successful buyers will get the title to the property, in case the delinquent taxpayer is not able to pay off the debt. The house or property passes to the buyer only after a certain amount of time has elapsed, that is set by the jurisdiction.

Why Government Tax Liens?

These liens have made many a person, a happy man or woman indeed. The whole concept behind government tax liens is the fact that they want to get back the amount owed to them. They are not looking for profit making sales. This is the reason why people want to snap up tax liens as soon as they appear on the market. The first reason is that they are offered at a fixed percentage rate as mandated by specific government agencies. The second benefit is the fact that the title to the property is available at substantial discount. What more do you want?

Donít Go it Alone

Yes, the rewards of state tax liens or federal tax liens are quite promising indeed. Who would pass up a chance to get a new home at a fraction of the market price, or make a steady income from the fixed penalty that a delinquent tax payer has to pay the successful bidder?

However, as a bidder, proper research into the title of the property and various other factors is a must. This is where the proven expertise of Tax Relief Point will come in, to make your job that much easier. Imagine a case wherein, the original owner of the property has declared bankruptcy and you as a bidder know nothing about it. Even if you win your IRS tax liens, it would still be worthless as creditors and the IRS have priority over tax lien holders.

There are also cases, when people purchase properties without actually seeing whether the properties are all that the description claims them to be. If you as a prospective bidder donít undertake actual inspection of the property or a geographical survey and inquire as to its market price, you will find that the state tax lien that you won is worth nothing.

Tax Relief Point has many years of experience in catering to the needs of prospective bidders and hence can undertake all the research for you. Also, we can make our clients aware of the various properties being auctioned in the market.

If you are interested in IRS tax liens auctions, then we are the right choice for you.

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