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Wage Garnishment

Tax Relief Point also helps you out if the process of Administrative Wage Garnishment has been initiated against you. We offer all help including making our clients aware of the process of IRS wage garnishment and the official ways and means that would make the process of garnishment easier and acceptable to a person.

What is IRS Debt Wage Garnishment?

You are a person who has not paid his or her taxes regularly. You have now accrued huge tax debts that you cannot pay back. If such is the case then the IRS can initiate Administrative wage garnishment proceedings against you. Herein, the IRS will require that your employer withhold around 15-25 percent of disposable pay due to you. The withheld pay will be directly deducted by the IRS until and unless your debts are cleared in full.

On the whole wage garnishment is not only initiated by the IRS, but is a process that can be used to pay off the payments for a variety of debts and loans.

The Process of Wage Garnishment

IRS debt wage garnishment is quite a common tool used by the IRS. The concept of wage garnishment is the same as the concept of a Levy. The IRS sends IRS wage garnishment notice to the employer of the taxpayer, which orders them to withhold a certain amount of the taxpayerís wages which is to be paid directly to the IRS.

Neither the employer nor the taxpayer can refuse the wage garnishment order. The employer will be held personally liable if the IRS does not receive the payment, after the notice has been sent.

After Your Receive the Orders

Itís impossible to avoid wage garnishment if you receive the letter of intent from the IRS. You cannot wait any longer to find new solutions to resolve the issue of your tax debt. The fact is that, it might turn out to be a good option for you as you can enter into an agreement with the IRS, and thus it will turn out to be a good long term solution.

At Tax Relief Point we ask our clients not to avoid wage garnishment, but we do understand the need our clients have for a regular paycheck. This is why we assist you with your tax situation and do everything needed to show to the IRS that, you as our client are very serious about solving your debt problem and want to pay off your tax debt as soon as possible.

Negotiation Might Help Stop Wage Garnishment

We help our client negotiate with the IRS to help stop the wage garnishment procedure. However, you must understand that the release of wage garnishment or lowering of the amount that is deducted during IRS wage garnishment is like a temporary solution. Tax Relief Point will follow up this solution with a more permanent one, which will help you deal with your tax debt without feeling the pinch in your salary.

Options, which we explore, can be putting together an offer in compromise or initiation of a repayment plan.

Tax Relief Point specializes in assisting businesses and individuals with the tax debts that are long overdue. If you want any kind of help regarding IRS wage garnishment then contact us immediately.

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